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All Clear Weather

A new weather app that emphasizes clear communication of weather data,

up-to-date current conditions, and experiments with phone sensor data

Sky Pictures_framed.png

A modern weather app

Simple text and useful animations

Current conditions and today's forecast are shown when you open the app. Hourly and daily forecasts are one tap away. Widgets and notifications are available too!

We animate the weather conditions to help you know right away what to expect and to more accurately display "percent chance" cases.

Up-to-date current conditions

Sometimes the current conditions shown in weather apps are old or wrong. All Clear lets you send in your weather, so that you can fix the display to be correct for yourself - and for others nearby!

This data could also help in future weather forecast models.

Sensor data for weather experiments

All Clear can use the environmental sensors in phones, such as barometers and thermometers, to collect live, useful atmosphere data. We are conducting research and plan to eventually do data assimilation into weather models, hopefully demonstrating an ability to increase forecast accuracy.

Sky pictures for machine learning

This is a new experiment! You can send in photos of the sky with labels, and we'll use the data to train a machine learning classifier.

The goal is to automatically label weather features in outdoor photos: this could be useful for analyzing both historical and current weather.

We aim to make all outdoor photos into usable weather data. Download All Clear and check out this experiment! We'll keep you up-to-date with our progress in the Pictures section of the app.

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